Miriam Green was a dreamer during a time when
there really was no reason to believe that dreams
could come true - especially if you were a woman and
most especially if you were Jewish.
Day after day Jehovah's chosen people
were under subjection to Roman rule in
their own land.  Their cries for a savior
remained unanswered. Their faith -
reduced to a list of rules.  Their trust -
betrayed by imposters.  No end was in
sight for those unfortunate enough to be
born into a common family.  No
deliverance for a people that had endured
slavery and exile for generations.  No
glimmer of hope for any ordinary  girl
during such times of despair.

And then there was Miriam Green.
Debra Valentin as "Miriam Green"
“You could say I   
perform for an    
audience of One."
- Miriam Green
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